Why manage deliveries on your own?

The wholesale business is tough enough.  Why do companies in the industry still rely on very old fashioned, non-scalable courier solutions that foster greater risk and low efficiency?  

Because they have to.....Until now!!

Delivery services made easi

Learn more about  how easi Logistics makes your delivery operations ....easi!!

A modern scalable solution using cutting edge software and logisitc algorithms.  Reduced risk profile, ability to scale with your growth, overhead reductions, fixed operational costs.
  1. Efficient

    Modern technology... no clipboards or manual routing. EasiRoute software locates drivers closest to your location and delivery agents transport your goods and collect payments for you.
  2. Agile

    Like you have never seen before, we have resources in your area, tech to track our fleet and amazing logistic software to route. This allows your business to move in real time with the world.
  3. Scalable

    No longer challenged with business scale, we solve fleet capacity using your metrics, regional data and more. We make tough overhead calls rather than you. Your business has no limits.
  4. Intelligent

    The digital transformation can be difficult, we make is easi by helping you make the move to a modern, intelligent, feature rich delivery solution, offering you benefits never before possible.
  1. Pay as you play!
    Our dealership wanted to partake in the wholesale business however our owner didn't want the added expense of a delivery service. Finally easiLogistics, an amazing pay as you go service that provides so much more came along to fill the gap!!
    Ann H. NJ
  2. No more risk
    Recently one of our drivers received two texting citations on the job which resulted in insurance hikes. This caused heightened concern with our Senior Mgmt and demands were made to mitigate our risk. I searched for an answer and found you!!
    Craig F. NY
  3. Software for us!!
    Just like that, a company has come along with software created with such intuitiveness that it had to be designed by a Parts & Service professional. Who designed this!! Its amazing!!
    Tom B. NJ
  4. Frictionless integration
    Making the switch to easi Ground was extremely painless. They integrated our delivery vehicles and drivers into their service which made day one a non-event. We now reap the benefits of amazing logistics, reduced risk, time back, and much more!!
    Steve M. NY

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